Accounting and tax advice

Accounting and tax adviceAccounting and tax advice

Given the new Andorran fiscal framework and with the spirit to improve and expand our services, our company has decided to create a new Department of accounting and tax advice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This service is suitable for companies that, because oftheir size, do not have the resources or tools needed to manage areas such as accounting, taxation and labour management within the Organization, or if you need a support tool that advise and review its accounting procedures, as well as the preparation and presentation of financial statements and tax returns.



  1. Preparation of monthly financial statements: Bookjournal, Ledger, profit and loss Accounts, balance sheet, and balance sheet Sums and Balances.
  2. Assistance and formulation of annual accounts(balance sheet, profit and loss account, statement of changes in Equity, cash flow statement and report).
  3. Drafting of acts and certificates of approval of the annual accounts.
  4. Presentation of the annual accounts and deposit in the registry.
  5. Preparation and submission of tax returns (bothDirect and indirect Taxes).
  6. Advising on the application of the new income tax ofIndividuals (PERSONAL INCOME TAX).